Concert dates

All concerts run from 3pm to 5pm:

Next concert is Sunday October 24th and the venue is Charlbury Memorial Hall.

Previous concerts: (visit the facebook page to see some photos)


Sunday 24th October: full programme TBA. To include: Mozart: rondo (allegretto) from Sonata in F, K533; Chopin: nocturne and polonaise (TBA); three Argentinian folk songs for guitar; P Racine Fricker: Toccata, number 2 from 12 Studies, opus 38; JS Bach: Fugue in A minor, BWV 889; duets for violin and viola (TBA).

Sunday 5th September: Two Irish folk songs for unaccompanied viola, John’s Song, The Wandering Minstrel; Mozart: First movement divertimento 3, K166; Baermann: Schlummerlied opus 84, number 2 (clarinet and piano); Faure: Apres un rève, opus 7, no 1 (arr for trombone); Rieding: Second movement, violin concerto in B minor, opus 35; JS Bach: Prelude in A minor, BWV 889; Dvorak: Humoreske Opus 101, number 7 (arr for violin); Rautavaara: Serenades of the Unicorn (1977); Mendelssohn: First movement clarinet sonata in E flat, MSV Q15.

2020 – no concerts


Sunday xx December: Chopin: first movement, Sonata number 2 in B flat minor, opus 35; Shostakovich: Prelude and Fugue number 19 in E flat major, opus 87; seasonal duets for two violins; Faure: Au bord de l’eau, arr clarinet and piano;  Milhaud: Scaramouche for clarinet and piano; Armand Coeck: nocturne number 2, and Mystical Moments for guitar; Edward German: Pastorale and Bourree, for two clarinets; Clarence Hurrell: Chincoteague for two clarinets; Corpus Christi carol, from A Boy was Born, variation 5; Poulenc: le Bestiaire FP 15

Sunday 27th October: Rieding: Marcia for violin and piano; three pieces for piano [awaiting details]; Llobet: el Testament d’Amelia and Albeniz: Cordoba, opus 232 number 4 for guitar; Mendelssohn: Hear ye people, from Elijah opus 70; Britten: Corpus Christi carol, from A Boy was Born, variation 5; Poulenc: le Bestiaire FP 15

Sunday 22nd September: Folk song arrangements for violin and piano; Prokofiev (arr for piano): theme from Peter and the Wolf; Schubert: Heidenroslein D257 (arr for clarinet and piano); CM von Weber: Kleine Fantasie from Oberon; JS Bach: Prelude in A minor, BWV889; Poulenc: Romanze from Sonata for Clarinet FP184; Shostakovich: Prelude and Fugue in D major, opus 87, number 5; Mozart: Divertimento number 2 K439b: minuet and trio, larghetto and rondo.

Sunday 7th July: Rieding: Violin concerto in B minor, opus 35, second movement; Brahms: Intermezzo in A major, opus 118, number 2; Granados: La Maja de Goya and Tarrega: El Columpio (guitar); Bach: Prelude and Fugue in G minor, Book 1 Well-tempered Clavier, BWV 861; Berlioz: Recitative and Prayer from Grande Symphonie Funebre et Triomphale; Schubert: Sonata in G major, D894, first movement

Sunday 19th May: Finzi: Carol for clarinet and piano; Faure: three songs for soprano and piano; Berlioz: piece TBA for trombone and piano; Chopin: Nocturne in E flat major, opus 9 number 2; TBA – string trio.

Sunday 7th April – two last-minute cancellations were filled by two professional pianists who asked if they could try out pieces for an up-coming concert. Not the usual thing for the club, but why not? Stunning performances of Chopin Ballade number 4 and Scriabin sonata number 5 as well as Brahms, Ginastera and Mozart for the piano; two pieces by Barrios for classical guitar; and Mozart arr Beethoven for cello and piano. A piano-filled concert followed by Simnel cake in honour of the season.

Sunday 3rd March – a lovely concert with a lot of variety and everyone feeling much more confident: Telemann and Einaudi pieces for clarinet and piano; Elgar pieces for viola and piano; Piazzolla, Bach and Cardoso for classical guitar; slow movement from Weber’s first clarinet concerto; more Piazzolla but for accordion and piano; some show songs and some popular songs. No solo piano! First time ever. A very special clementine, pomegranate and almond cake which is apparently a February special in Iran.

Sunday 20th January – an interesting concert that almost didn’t happen. Due to a lot of last-minute cancellations, the formal programme was abandoned and anyone who was available came along with their music for a classical equivalent of an open-mic night. There was a movement from a Haydn piano sonata, one from a Beethoven cello sonata, some Purcell songs and a Handel aria. It turned out rather well! As did the marmalade cake.


Sunday 9th December – a big one to round off the year with 22 performers (11 performances) including a singer, three clarinettists, a classical guitarist; a piano trio; six pianists (two playing four-hand duets); a French music group and a banjo player! Music by: Bach, Schubert, Vaughan Williams, Faure, Rodrigo, Brahms, Bridge, Gershwin arr Grainger and a variety of popular composers. Special frangipani mince pies and mulled wine.

Sunday 21st October  – seven performers (five performances); piano, flute, viola, cello; abilities from Grade 4 to diploma; Ian Clarke, Haydn, Brahms, Mozart, Elgar, more Mozart, Schumann. Spiced apple cake for tea, and £54 raised for charity.

Sunday 9th September – ten performers (eight performances); piano, accordion, viola, clarinet; abilities from Grade 1 to diploma; Bach, Bach and more Bach, Scriabin, anonymous, Gershwin, Leonard Cohen, Mozart and Grainger. Plum nut streusel cake for tea, and £25 raised for charity.

Sunday 15th July – eleven performers (six performances); piano, trumpet, recorders, cello, accordion; abilities from Grade 4 to diploma; folksong arrangements (for recorders), Poulenc, Faure, Haydn, Beethoven, some jazz pieces and an international medley; bilberry and lavender cake for tea, and £40 raised for charity.

Sunday 22nd April – eight performers (piano, voice, guitar, trumpet); abilities from Grade 2 to diploma; Mozart, Brahms, Smetana, Beethoven, Lennon & McCartney and others; marmalade cake for tea, and £80 raised for charity!