Concert dates

All concerts run from 3pm to 5pm:

Sunday 21 October: Charlbury Memorial Hall: six acts booked in, room for one or two more

Sunday 9th December: three acts already signed up – plenty of space for more.

Previous concerts:

Sunday 9 September – ten performers (eight performances; piano, accordion, viola, clarinet; abilities from Grade 1 to diploma; Bach, Bach and more Bach, Scriabin, anonymous, Gershwin, Leonard Cohen, Mozart and Grainger. Plum nut streusel cake for tea, and £25 raised for charity.

Sunday 15 July – eleven performers (six performances); piano, trumpet, recorders, cello, accordion; abilities from Grade 4 to diploma; folksong arrangements (for recorders), Poulenc, Faure, Haydn, Beethoven, some jazz pieces and an international medley; bilberry and lavender cake for tea, and £40 raised for charity.

Sunday 22 April – eight performers (piano, voice, guitar, trumpet); abilities from Grade 2 to diploma; Mozart, Brahms, Smetana, Beethoven, Lennon & McCartney and others; marmalade cake for tea, and £80 raised for charity!